Artist Statement

I decided to pursue my love for art by enrolling in a Foundation Art course at the Queens Road Art College in Bristol. Following that I went on to complete a BA (Hons) in Drawing and Applied Arts at the Barrow Ashton campus, for the University of West of England in Bristol and graduated in 2006. After completing my university training, I decided my main objective would be to begin as many projects as possible and to work on each of them concurrently. I hoped this would keep my hunger for art alive and would inspire me to keep exploring and pushing myself. Over the last eight years I have continued this practice; allowing myself to try out different methods and mediums along the way. This is what keeps art exciting for me. And I connect this sense of freedom and experimentation with a rigorous schedule of preparation and practice. I believe that steady practice is something that should never be neglected. It has always been important to me, whether it’s using new shading techniques, working on my painting skill, or restarting a project from a different angle and editing it down to a simpler form, or even just doodling, which I find myself doing wherever I am, and then developing those sketches into new pieces of art. All of this effort goes into my final work. My work swims in adaptation, one piece twists out from another and grows into something new. This is what truly makes me tick. Letting myself go wondering off on wild tangents of exploration, allowing old work to take on new slants and subject matter to create new work .I find this moment of creation is most interesting in the quirky, weird moments of life. I move from one medium to the next and on and on or back again. Always developing and evolving ideas. I hope you feel the same sort of excitement and buzz when you look at my art, as I felt creating it.